Dundas Valley Tree Keepers: Current Status


The Dundas Valley Tree Keepers (DVTK) are a group of community volunteers who are passionate about the trees in the Dundas Valley, an area endowed with a large number and variety of trees in urban, rural and natural settings. The group formed after the completion of the first Dundas Trees Count in fall 2007. Go to Trees Counts for more about the Dundas tree inventories. Go to About Us to find out more about the DVTK.  Due to diminishing numbers, the group will not be holding regular meetings until further notice. Guided tree walks and presentations will continue to be held on demand for the foreseeable future. Our website will continue to be maintained and interesting tree-related links posted from time to time. 

Our most recent project undertaken in July 2016 was an inventory of trees on the property of the former Parkside High School, now owned by the City of Hamilton, and facing demolition for partial re-use as an annex of Grove Cemetery. The results of our inventory, once summarized, will be shared with the City's Forestry Department.   

City of Calgary, CBC News (September 2016): "Brentwood residents mocked on social media for protesting tree planting in park".

Still available are printed copies of the self-guided walking tour (links to PDF version below), a pamphlet first published in 2014 and updated in 2015: A Walking Tour of Heritage Trees in Downtown Dundas. Brochures may be purchased for $4 from the Dundas Museum & Archives at 139 Park Street West, Dundas.  Guided tours based on the route map were led by Warren Beacham and Ann Gillespie in May and October of 2015.  Photos taken on the May tour are posted in a dedicated Photo Gallery.
Dundas Tree Map 1.pdf

Dundas Tree Map 2.pdf

Rare Chinquapin Oak now Recognized by Trees Ontario 

First nominated by DVTK in 2012 the Chinquapin Oak in Fisher's Mill Park has finally been recognized by Trees Ontario as a provincially significant tree. Visit our Ontario Heritage Tree Program page for photos and more information. 

Free Street Trees 

Did you know that a tree can be ordered from the City of Hamilton and planted in a suitable location on the City's road allowance of your front yard? There are more than 50 species to choose from. For more information and to apply on-line, visit the Trees Hamilton website or call 905 546 2489.

Advice from a Tree 

Stand tall and proud
Go out on a limb
Remember your roots
Drink plenty of water
Be content with your natural beauty
Enjoy the view!